Personality: A Great Trade Skill

11 March 2014

In public relations, personality and charisma is the key to winning the attention of very important individuals in the trade. Personality also helps consumers become comfortable in you and the improvement of your company’s products and services. Business is not just about making money and ensuring the lifespan of your business; it is also about creating partnerships.

Brand integrity is targeted to associate your product with certain forms of symbolism. For example, when people see a combination of green and red they think of Christmas. When they see white and red, they think KFC. Yellow and red can easily indicate McDonalds. However, these only trigger certain recalls from consumers, but it does not help boost confidence in patrons.

In business, when you show honesty as a person in supporting certain ideals or projects, you represent the company’s personality. If you’re the proprietor or one of the public relations personnel, then all the things you say and enact in public with other business proprietors, public relations personnel and consumers, represents the person of your company.

Personality includes having a clear mission-vision of the company and aligning all interests brought up to your company’s objective. These objectives also show the ambition or passion of the company you represent.

Developing your company personality is an important part of marketing because if other proprietors and investors have confidence in your personality, despite the technical troubles your business might encounter in the future, they can still trust you.

High-Definition: The Future of the Internet

6 February 2014

Technologists believe that something better than fibre optic will come our way in the future. The speed of 15-30MBPS will become the budget packages enjoyed by people accessing the internet at 500KBPS. At this rate, the internet content trend of the future relies heavily on high-definition content.

Today, high-definition streaming, a 1080p video, could be enjoyed seamlessly by those enjoying 15-30MBPS speeds. However, in the future, with bigger virtual or actual data storages, web marketers will need more high-definition in videos and even audios. Better file formats may also be born because internet connection speeds will continue to improve.

Content in the early days of the internet were only texts and images. Sources were limited given that only few knew how to use the internet or create websites or web logs for themselves. Today, you could create a blog, which took more than a week to form, in just a few clicks, having you done with the task less than an hour.

In the future, whole blogs could be created from mobile devices. The focus of the internet for mobile support ensures that those enjoying high internet speeds can enjoy it anywhere. Seamless communication and access to data anywhere is the future.

With better internet speeds and data storage, everything can be of high definition. The smallest details of every website and bit of information can be highlighted with the continuous improvement of technology.

The Internet Marketing Trends for 2014

7 January 2014

A new year holds new challenges for the internet marketer and surely, search engines are not holding back on improving their search results quality for users. However, these improvements are exhausting marketing efforts, but are improving its quality indeed. Here are a few things experts expect to happen in 2014.

1. Higher Grade Content
No, it is not just about the way your writers have perfect grammar when talking to audiences; high-grade content is presenting information in a very “presentable” manner. High-definition video streaming becomes possible as internet connection technology improves and more people will demand for better videos that clearly have substance and thought.

2. Image Centricity
Infographics made it easy to understand political, budgetary, personal, household problems and other kinds of information that when read through a text-based article, will seem boring. Images also became instrumental for bloggers as they gave “rhythm” to texts posted on their articles. Experts expect image centricity to gain bigger momentum this year, so prepare your data storages.

3. Social Media Diversification
Facebook is a social network designed to connect to friends, which became instrumental for companies looking to advertise to many people. Instagram became popular because it featured beautiful photos of your products or services. Pinterest allowed people to post photos along with the location of your company. Your presence in different social media networks will help your company’s marketing efforts better this year.

The Conflict Between Grammar and Quality

20 December 2013

Copywriting is an integral part of Internet marketing because you will need people to become interested in your product. The form of words, sentences and languages you use is highly important. However, some marketers get away with a few mistakes in grammar in copywriting. While it is encourage that one writes in proper grammar, formal grammar is not always the basis for a well-written article.

1. Words and Quality
Think of copywriting as similar to doing an interior design. You could only re-arrange the details inside the room, but you could not change the shape or add space in the house. In copywriting, your ornaments and decorations are words and sentence arrangements. The quality of content is judged based on the research and other facts you have that would prove your article is well-written and well-researched

2. Grammar Technicalities
People will punish you for misusing certain punctuations and words in sentences, but seven to nine year old children won’t even bother correcting you if they understand clearly what you mean to say. Grammar technicalities are highly important, but you must also understand that the most important part of copywriting is having your target audience decipher clearly what you’re trying to say.

3. Passive and Active
For the most part, writing copy is having active roles make use of the adverbs you write in your articles. For example, “Gold was used by the locals” is a passive tone. Using it as “locals use gold to make jewellery” gives it a more active and exciting tone. You can use this to pique the interests of your readers and to make very long sentences shorter.

How to Build Effective Brand Integrity

26 November 2013

Internet marketing is more than just building a website, putting in high quality content and responding to consumer inquiries. Social media plays a great role, but you do not only have make updates that point straight to your blog posts. You’ll also need to develop good brand integrity.

The more platforms of social media your business is involved in, the better. The highest rated social media platforms will grant your business better presence in the Internet. However, a social media profile is not enough.

Have your employees register themselves as part of your company. Allow them to use the actual company social media profile in their own profile updates. In this way, when they respond to certain questions in the company profile, they could introduce themselves as an authority in the company that consumers could talk to.

This allows search engines and the social media network itself to realize that your company’s brand signal is actually true. The more people and consumers tag you in related content, the more your social media presence increases.

Registration is another thing. If your business is registered properly, post your registration number in your website or in the “about” section of your social media profile. In this way, search engines and social media could identify you as a legitimate business that is of high integrity and quality.

Maintaining Your Best Business Employees

30 October 2013

Business is a great industry because it allows you to explore and exercise your creative ideas in doing business. Business employees are the key to exploring your options and ensuring your capabilities. To ensure they stay with your business to ensure its success, you must remember the following.

1. Keep them Interested
Nobody wants a job that they are not challenged or their passion is not properly reflected. Always keep your business employees interested by appealing to their passion. For example, you can make them a nametag that is only specially made for senior business employees with their name on it. This will inspire them to do better in their work.

2. Do Not Make Them Feel Expendable
There is a difference between working with a human and a machine. A machine will not require rest but a human will. Employees are human and if the business respects their rights to take a leave or change their mind, the better they feel about working for the company. Employees who do not feel expendable will always remain, regardless of passion or skill.

3. Competitiveness
Top-performing employees will only want to stay in your company only if they feel that your company could help them hone their skills in their respective fields. Know the passion of each of your employees and create activities or shape work structures into semblances of what skills they can develop for their own professional betterment.

Why Focus on Brand Development Online?

20 September 2013

When you watch an advertisement on television that has bad acting, bad script and bad continuity, you remember this advertisement and their product because of such bad quality. While the company’s product could salvage the reputation portrayed by the bad advertising quality, the same is not true for internet marketing.

When people find your website spammy or linked to virus-laden websites, Google could penalize you. You could find your search rankings drop

Of course, search engine optimization is a good way to acquire new audiences quickly. Even over-optimizing could help you gain an advantage by shooting to the top of the search engine list. However, as quick as you got there, you could also be blown out of the water quick.

Have you ever wondered why prestigious websites such as and never have any problems with Internet marketing or SEO? This is because they have developed their brand. Developing a brand takes time; audiences and readers need to trust your opinion and the quality of information you bring.

Search engine optimization should only be seen as a tool to progress in marketing. However, it should not be viewed as a one-stop solution to earning money. To earn money and create a sustainable business, time is needed, which is why it is more important to focus on online brand development.

Google’s Over-Optimization Penalties: Fair or a Headache?

29 August 2013

Many search engine optimization professionals had anticipated the effects of Google’s over-optimization penalties since 2012. Penalized websites will have their search engine rankings lower. However, since search engine optimization is about gaining an edge by getting websites indexed by search engine spiders effectively, is this new scheme fair?

Surely, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of anti-spam development, intends to prioritize websites with great and higher quality content above those with good optimization. It is a well-known fact that Google focuses on providing quality for its users. Cutts said that he intends to remove the “manipulative” features of over-optimization and allow the search engine spiders to deliver only quality content to level the ground in search results.

However, what might be beneficial for users became a major headache for many SEO experts. Yet, many professionals have anticipated this trend and Seomoz and other professional SEO blogs have offered advice on surpassing the new Google update.

Over-optimization or SEO overkill might appear even in a normal, high quality content webpage, but it might have too many keywords or keyphrases used and repeated throughout the article. It might also be content solely written for search engine spiders and receives spam mail from third party websites and link farms.

Indeed, this is a fair strategy; most search engine optimization could help your business website increase in reputation, but to focus on optimization instead of quality, webmasters forfeit their chance of developing their own brand.

Exact Match Domains or No?

12 August 2013

Exact Match Domains (EMDs) were useful a few years ago in increasing search engine visibility and ranking. Is it still helpful to register an EMD or not anymore? Here are a few things that you need to know before choosing a domain name.

1. Branding
Google is more friendly with domain names focusing on a unique brand name rather than an EMD such as A unique brand name, similar to those as, or other websites with innovative name combinations can rank higher in Google.

2. Content-Focused
Spiders value content more than the website superficialities. Web domains can complement your website ranking, but with good content that is both interesting, well-shared in social media and other websites, you get more than just discussing going with an EMD or not. If you think your stuff is interesting, then just make sure your domain name is relevant, EMD or not.

3. Memorable
More search engine optimization experts agree that a memorabler domain is more important than an exact match domain. Of course, exact matches, such as could actually be remembered and be helpful in SEO. Focusing on memorability allows people to recall your website when someone posts information from your website repetitively.

Tutorials on Writing Excellent Copy Material

8 July 2013

Internet marketing needs more than just articles that mention the technicalities involved with your product and services. Copy writes allow your products to become more attractive to readers. Here are a few things to remember to write excellent copy material.

1. Grammar Off
It is important to write properly, but not formally. Writing formally is reserved for textbook and technical papers. For copy writes, you only need the grammar your audience is familiar with. Don’t continue fretting about your subject-verb agreement and instead focus on talking about the product.

2. Do Not “Doze Off”
Sharing a story in a copy write much as how a grandfather would tell an old wives’ tale is a big no-no. When writing a copy, it is important that you focus on telling the readers why they need the product. Your copy should create need.

3. Situations
In copy writes, it is essential to depict situations wherein the product or service becomes necessary. For example, if you’re selling a muscle supplement, aside from the technical side of the product, it is important that you focus on talking about exercise and lifting situations where the product’s usefulness comes in.

4. Focus on Positivity
Avoid using negative or negating words such as not, never, neither, seldom and other negative words. Make negative phrases turn into positive ones. When you say that “this product guarantees you will not fail”, you could rephrase it to sound positive such as “this product guarantees your success”.